Our Solution – Lawyers on Demand

North Texas is growing rapidly.   And there is a growing demand for general legal services to meet the needs of small and mid-sized companies.    To meet this demand, BVA has implemented a program to offer general counsel services to small and mid-sized companies that do not need or want to spend valuable resources on a full-time lawyer.   We currently act as General Counsel and provide on-demand legal services to several companies in a wide variety of fields.   

For a modest initial fee, BVA will spend as much time as is necessary to become familiar with the prospective client’s overall business operation.   BVA will meet with company representatives and employees and will review company information and records in as much detail as necessary to get to know and understand each business so that its legal needs are addressed timely and efficiently.   Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with each client.   BVA will remain knowledgeable about the company so that as legal needs arise, management can rest assured that company needs are being addressed by lawyers who know the company and have the company’s best interests in mind. 

After learning about the business operations of the new client, BVA will then do a comprehensive business risk assessment.   As appropriate, we will make recommendations regarding business organization and recordkeeping, ownership documents, ownership structure, insurance needs and coverages, purchase and sales order forms and agreements, purchase and sales order terms and conditions, vendor agreements, invoices and invoicing, record retention, and employment issues of every type, including employee handbooks/guidelines, confidentiality agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-compete agreements, management agreements and severance agreements.   

BVA can draft and review contracts, and can evaluate and assess every aspect of risk management, including claims handling, litigation management, and other related services as may be needed or requested.    We offer hourly fee agreements, flat fee agreements, contingent fee agreements, capped fee agreements and contingent fee agreements to best suit the needs of each task and each client.    For those areas outside our core areas of expertise  (wills, trusts and estates, criminal law, family law, etc.), we will coordinate with associate lawyers who perform those services as requested for our clients at greatly reduced rates.