Our Pricing

BVA offers flexible, value-based pricing options for its services.  We work on an hourly basis, contingent-fee basis (if appropriate), hybrid hourly/contingent fee basis, flat fee basis or an hourly capped fee basis.  Our fee arrangements are accommodating to create the best fit for the companies we serve.  All fee arrangements will be reduced to writing and there will be no surprises in our bills.

Generally, for clients with no special time constraints who need general business or legal advice, BVA charges a reasonable hourly rate.  For special ventures, we can provide project-based services for an agreed upon flat/fixed fee.

Some clients retain BVA to act as their General Counsel, with our attorneys dedicating significant time each week to the company’s needs.  For clients interested in that approach, we offer lower, negotiated hourly, weekly or monthly rates.

BVA does not charge for routine, in-house photocopies, domestic long distance calls, fax charges, legal research expense, secretarial services, case management software, office supplies, books/publications, employee courier services, word processing, charges to open or close matters or other “miscellaneous” expenses.  We expect to get paid for our legal expertise, not for our ordinary costs of doing business.  We hate nickel-and-dime expenses on bills we receive and expect our clients feel the same.